Every Offroad Adventurer Should Carry These Tools...

Anyone and everyone who intends on traveling outside the urban area, whether it be on or off road needs a tool kit in their vehicle. If you’re just hitting the highway for a few hours you could get away with a tyre repair kit, wheel brace and a jack. However, the further you head from civilization, the more you’re going to need and in this post I am going to touch on the necessities everybody should have in their tool bag.

Combination Spanner Set: Ring one end, open on the other. A set with the most popular metric and imperial spanners should get you out of trouble in most cases.

Adjustable spanner/Cresent: For when your spanner set doesn’t fit what you want to remove.

Socket Set: Again, a combination of popular metric and imperial sizes. The set should include a ratchet, breaker bar, wobble bit and a couple of different size extensions at least.

Screwdrivers: Very cheap to pickup a decent set containing Phillips and flat head screwdrivers.

Pliers: You’ll want a few types including bull nose, long nose, locking pliers and multigrips.

Hammer: A moderately sized hammer will do, something with a bit of weight behind it but not sledge hammer spec.

Allen/Torx Keys: The old Allen key is bound to be required from time to time, and these days many vehicles are using Torx patterns to secure everything.

Tyre Repair Kit: To repair tyres….

Bottle Jack: Not only to jack the vehicle up. Could also be used to straighten bent components, break beads and assist recovery efforts.

Cold Chisel: Incredibly useful for removing stuck or snapped bolts. A quality cold chisel will cut through almost anything and stand up to the abuse.

Multimeter & Test Light: Don’t leave home without these! Especially if you have a modern vehicle. You can fix or at least bypass almost any electrical problem if you know how to use these tools.

Electrical Goodies: Spare fuses, electrical tape, lengths of wire, solder, soldering iron and cable ties should keep you out of trouble.

Consumables: Metal putty will fix holes in just about anything you could crack or puncture. A penetrating spray such as WD-40 will help loosen stuck nuts and bolts as well as disperse water from your electrics. Some bearing grease, engine oil, coolant and spare filters to suit your vehicle won’t go astray either.

Of course these are only the basics in a list that could really go on to fill an entire trailer. Everyone’s needs are going to vary, so sit down and have a think about what to chuck in your vehicle tool kit before departing for that next adventure.


Alex Garner

G’day! I’m Alex. I’m a West Australian photographer/writer and the owner of the blog Intents Offroad. I grew up camping out of a 4WD and constantly searching for new ways to enjoy the outdoors, a feeling that I know many of us share. I believe that adventure can be found in every experience whether conquering a mountain, relaxing on a far away beach or surviving a hurricane in a tent. Visit Intents Offroad if this sounds like your scene! http://www.intentsoffroad.com


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