10 Alternative Uses For A Camping/Survival Blade

10 Alternative Uses For A Camping/Survival Blade


I used to have a sharp kitchen knife in my cutlery box, thrown in the back of my 4wd. That was it. A knife to me was simply to cut up the steak and potatoes for dinner. But since I received a rather large and heavy duty survival type knife for Christmas, I have discovered so many uses for a decent knife that it’s hard to imagine how I ever did without one! What exactly? Here’s just a few you might not think of every day:

1: Use it to clear your camp! If your knife is a big old croc-dundee jobbie you can use it like a hatchet to lop off small branches and scrub

2: Chop your firewood. It may be hard on the blade but they can be sharpened! Use another piece of wood as a hammer and belt your knife to use it as an axe.

3: Start A Fire: Combine the back of your knife with a cheap flint from a camping store to throw sparks and create a fire. Waterproof and lasts for ages.

4: Ever try using your fork to cut food? Or your spoon to stab your steak? Doesn’t work too well. However, a knife can perform the role of all 3 quite effectively!

5: Rather than getting up for a bottle opener, hold your bottle on an angle of approximately 70 degrees, use the back of the knife and quickly move your knife upwards along the neck to strike the cap with some force. Practice makes perfect!

6: Use a knife as a foothold should you need to climb a tree. Just use a rock or solid chunk of wood to drive the blade into the trunk far enough that it won’t fall out when stood upon.

7: Forgot your can opener? It may be more of a chore but a knife can be used to open tinned food. With a sharp blade just hammer the knife into the top of the can, and use a sawing motion to cut away the lid.

8: If you are in a bit of strife and need to signal for help, a nice shiny knife blade could be used to reflect the sun and signal to aircraft

9: It’s probably a bit of a forgotten about pastime these days, but years ago every man carried even a small pocket knife to use for whittling! A fun and creative way to pass time in the outdoors.

10: If you get hopelessly lost in the bush, you can use your knife to make other tools. For instance, tie your knife to the end of a long stick and use it as a spear. Or more preferably sharpen up a stick to use as a spear and not risk losing your knife!

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